Sizzle Uses Established Games To Deliver New Customers To Your Brand

EMPOWER SIZZLE TO START SENDING OUR CUSTOMERS TO YOU! Sizzle has been designed to remove all of the substantial costs of producing games, delivering offers, engaging with augmented reality, and delivering fun and unique experiences. The Sizzle Network and Offer Engine™ is complete with the most comprehensive suite of tools, games, experiences and interconnectivity. Sizzle will save your corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars…  read more

Pepsi PGA Show Sweepstakes On The Sizzle Network

Would you want to win tickets to the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black? One lucky attendee of the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando chose the correct augmented reality Pepsi Bottle and received the prized tickets for the upcoming PGA Championship at Bethpage Black. Another attendee won a complimentary four night hotel stay in Orlando during the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show,…  read more

Key Considerations Before Launching Your Blockchain Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The pathway to your ICO in Ethereum, Hyperledger, or a custom created blockchain is paved with a large series of technical, financial, economical and strategic considerations. This article attempts to bypass any hype on the topic, and instead, present a straight and informative path to your successful Initial Coin Offering. There are many legitimate cryptocurrencies….  read more

Apple’s ARKit vs. Google’s ARCore – The Two Large Augmented Reality Frameworks Have Emerged

Sizzle™, the first Global TransMedia Network, in which everything and everywhere is instantly transactional, informational and entertaining, allows full integration of both ARKit and ARCore applications, media, experiences, games, etc. Learn More at To better understand how these Augmented Reality Frameworks will integrate in the Sizzle™ iPhone and Android Apps, we’ve consolidated the necessary information, websites and resources to make your…  read more

Will Augmented Reality Experience Apps Be A One Trick Pony?

As the creator of a very early Augmented Reality app, entitled Mel B, in which we debuted our Augmented Reality TV: , the core issue with producing for the Augmented Reality experience, is ultimately the depth of the experience vs. file weight sizes, technology options, and much more. Many fun apps feature Augmented Reality games, or…  read more

Visions Of The Impact of Virtual Reality on Broadcast Network Television

How will Virtual Reality Impact Your Career, Your World, Your Perceptions? In our previous blog, we invited our colleagues in various industries to bring their perspective on how Virtual Reality will impact their industry to the discussion. Today we are chatting with Lucas P. Aragon    Design Director/Post Production at ABC Design In what ways do…  read more

Top Augmented Reality Platforms, Software and Studios

While Augmented Reality has been on the scene for quite some time, it has not been since two of the world’s largest companies have announced their plans in this technical space, that AR has recognized such a substantial ramp up of public interest and genuine excitement. On the heels of the Microsoft HoloLens announcement and…  read more