Virtual Reality and Wagering Games

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Virtual Reality transports the user into places, circumstances and experiences that may not be possible in the real world, by simulating an environment that is so real and so convincing, that the user is convinced that they are literally in a new reality, even though their mind knows fully well that they are seated comfortably wherever they chose to put on the VR headgear.

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With the growth of the extremely lavish interiors and exteriors of the top global casinos, the virtual casino must promise to deliver a unique and exciting legal wagering experience to fully accommodate the local ordinances, while transporting the end user to places they may never be able to experience prior to the world of virtual reality.

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Virtual reality and the world of wagering games are a viable pair which have been tested repeatedly over the last 15 years and which are destined to emerge this year with a host of new products and virtual offerings. Not only is it possible to play slot machines in virtual reality, but you may also play roulette, blackjack, bacarrat, paigow, war and poker.

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Or perhaps slots are your thing? In VR, the world of slot machines explode in vibrant new dimensions. Slots can move from a flat screen experience to a completely immersive, you are inside the world of the slot machine experience.

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Virtual reality can transport you to the craps table, deliver you the exhilaration of wagering inside a sports book, afford you the new experiences of wagering on eSports competitions, horse racing and so much more.

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Imagine wagering on a virtual horse race and then feeling as if you are riding atop the horse you wagered on as it sweeps the competition and comes in for the first place win. horse racing pov

Virtual reality delivers a gambler directly into the heat of the action through a host of business models and technologies. It also allows a person to wager against a series of fantasy opponents. Would you like to play poker against the mobsters of an era gone by?

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Or do you feel mentally up to the challenge of playing poker face to face with 10x World Series of Poker Champion, Johnny Chan? Whatever the gamer’s passion, a virtual reality product will deliver them to the environment that will allow them to have that fantasy come true.

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Pay per view fights in boxing and MMA can come to life with virtual reality and put the fans ringside, from all over the world. This can increase fantasy games in VR on the fighting topic and will improve the wagers placed in the sportsbooks as a fan is far more likely to have action on a game that they will be watching or experiencing.


From the moment you step inside a virtual casino and have a walk around, you know you have arrived at a destination like none else. The opportunity to engage with the tables, machines and other players offers an unparalleled chance for a gambler to find that unique spot that feels lucky and then grow that luck into a full blown winning streak.

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Virtual reality puts you right at the table, the dealer tossing your cards and you can lift the cards and take a peak at the down card, just as you would in real life. Stare the dealer in the eyes and see if you can detect whether or not the next card they throw will make or break your evening.

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So many new wagering opportunities are waiting to come to life as the virtual reality revolution sweeps across the world at the speed of light. New businesses are rising in the luminance of this exciting new model and collectively those games will escalate the virtual wagering business to billions of dollars in revenue and dollars transacted.

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IllusionQuest Studios has been a continual innovator in the legal wagering world and is leading the pack as we develop our unique formats for bringing the wagering at gaming tables to an exciting new turn of events. Please contact us directly with any questions you may have in this regard.

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