Virtual Reality Training – The Wise Corporate Investment

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Virtual Reality provides a multitude of opportunities for businesses, organizations and institutions. It is a paradigm shift for humanity that is on par with the invention of television, and with that, comes the opportunity to reinvent the way businesses communicate with each other, their customers, their vendors and their employees.


Knowledge is a massive commodity in virtual reality which will manifest into a multibillion dollar business over the coming 5 years. Not only is the extensive wealth of knowledge in all fields of study about to be reinterpreted for teaching in VR, but the opportunity to leverage isolated learning in the workplace is invaluable to a student of any form of teaching.

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Virtual Reality has been used for years to train teams of collaborators how to engage most effectively under the worst of emergency conditions. Take for example, the teams who must come together if a hazardous material spill happened on the main freeway intersection of a massive metropolis. There is no way to effectively set up a mock set on that scale for the teams to drill on. In the past, these circumstances have been manufactured in earlier forms of Virtual Reality, using avatars, to allow many individuals to drill as one cohesive team, processing the data and engaging with the actions required to generate a solution. Or in the case of disarming a suitcase bomb, the distractions of the world around the expert may be simulated for training under stressful conditions.

VR Bomb squad

With the current forms of virtual reality, the complete immersion into the circumstances surrounding such an event, assures the training participants an opportunity to experience a moment that is a very close approximation to the reality they must be prepared for, so that they are that much more acclimated to the circumstances under which they must operate, before any such an event were to occur.


Virtual Lessons will be developed in every vertical of industry, as businesses grow to recognize the immediate benefits of an increase in knowledge within their labor force. New methods of explanation and immersive education allow people to make career transitions heretofore never imagined. Behavior in a virtual situation can drive action in the real world, no different than a pilot flying a drone and engaging in remote, robotic behavior. As connectivity between virtual and real worlds expands, the crossover potential will expand exponentially.


With this paradigm shift waiting in the wings, a wise business would leverage the early adopter advantage to elevate their training procedures with the assistance of virtual reality in its many capacities. Engineering firms may leverage the visualization functionalities for evaluation of anything from ergonomic choices, to aesthetic ones.


Their engineers may view products in exploded views which may be rotated and moved around to find unforeseen anomalies which could potentially exist in the design prior to any manufacturing taking place.


Architects may draft virtual iterations which transport their client directly into the structure, as the blueprints are being reviewed. Their ability to see things in the virtual environment from a unique perspective cannot be underestimated. Engineers may view machines and watch them virtually engage in their intended behavior to further reinforce the structural choices for the design that is being evaluated.


BioEngineers may travel to the center of the nucleus of an atom, to evaluate the artificial organ that they are perfecting.


Surgeons meet virtually inside a human heart to watch a specialist describe the details of a revolutionary surgical process that they have perfected. Together they may look at the massively enlarged model of the heart and discuss minutia details that would not have been possible to review collectively were it not for their virtual meeting.


Students take virtual tours of universities prior to choosing which of the schools they wish to apply to. Realtors are guiding their customers through properties without driving crosstown each day to accomplish the proper tours required to assist their buyers.


Location managers on films are able to show their directors the full environment experience so that the core creative decisions are made more efficiently.


A corporate franchise leverages a Virtual Reality program to train their operators how to best teach and then regulate the processes needed to adopt a new set of cooking or handling procedures. A style facility generates concepts for their clients to review to more easily assist them in making the proper creative choices.

girl with headset

Every industry will adapt the use of VR over the next ten years. As this transition occurs, the companies who were forward thinking and adapted those methodologies at the outset, will recognize the long term advantages of having been an early adopter.

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Training employees and allowing them to collaborate and innovate their processes using this massive new technology is one of the benchmarks of a forward thinking enterprise. To fully appreciate the potential that VR will have in your particular line of work, you would have to take a giant step backwards and ask what impact would the invention of television have on your business if it did not already exist. Virtual reality is a tremendously powerful, persuasive and viable platform because it is so immersive. It allows the audience a chance to engage with the subject matter, without the distraction of any second screen device. This substantially increases the retention rate of what has been taught in the virtual space. The increased retention is a critical value to any corporation who must teach their collaborators any kind of lesson.

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IllusionQuest Studios has spent more than a decade thinking through the considerations of bringing together a virtual community for the purposes of digital interaction and learning. Some of our earliest patented work was critical to this next stage of global interactivity. We are reaching out to our contacts to engage them in discussions on how their industry plans to leverage virtual reality and will continue to bring you discussions on this topic as they unfold. If you have any questions about how your company may benefit from the use of VR, please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.

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