About Us

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We have spent decades being the brand behind all of the other brands, servicing all of the major studios, broadcasters, music labels, cable stations and a large group of the Fortune 500.
We have been entrusted with the promotion and marketing of over 7 Billion Dollars in filmed, broadcast, cable, gaming and live entertainment, while garnering more than 260 awards in the top competitions for our clients. We have substantial expertise in regulated gaming, with many core projects to our credit. We have built air traffic control systems, been substantial in the launch of AOL and Compuserve and developed more than 100 apps in the marketplace.

In 2007, we opted to pivot our efforts towards the development of our own intellectual property for distribution in all transmedia. We have now put our resources into developing our own technologies, companies and joint ventures.

This has resulted thus far with one impressive awarded patent, three additional ones that are patent pending and numerous others that are being drafted currently. IllusionQuest Studios continues to prove itself as a vast resource of creativity, technology and global expertise. We are a very rare combination of the most elite talent in each of our respective categories and we continue to work in a stealth mode, producing a continual stream of OMGs while working daily to generate more.

When you want the technology to solve your problems, the app that does everything, the experience of how to produce it on budget and release it globally with a vibrant result, there are very few companies to call. We understand the substantial requirements of broadcast and theatrical entertainment, apps, interactive advertising, games, regulated gaming, horse racing, lottery, second screen experiences, television apps, and social media.

IllusionQuest Studios is a one of a kind company.
Our focus is INTENSE, our curiosity INSATIABLE. Our abilities, UNCHALLENGED.

The Team

Marco Bustamante
Creative Director
Derek McCollum
VP Technology Development
Zach Sriro
EVP Interactive
James Pascual
VP Gaming Technologies
Rex Alejandro
Art Director
Joe Dean
Senior Animator
Mel Metcalfe
SVP Motion Creative Services
Arjoy Antolin
Chris Weiner
Marc Tanne
Executive Vice President SeniorStrategist
CEO Webe Gaming