Fan Merchandise Is Now Transactional

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Fan merchandise becomes an instant cash register with Sizzle Scan. The Sizzle Vision™ reads the company logo, connects to the Sizzle Offer Engine and returns a host of options for your team to leverage. For example, the merchandise can be programmed to always lead from a scan to a shopping experience so that one fan…  read more


Sizzle’s AR Platform Capable Of 500 Million Concurrent AR Experiences

Sizzle┬« has just released the public beta of its innovative augmented reality platform featuring hundreds of free-to-use SizzleFX™, housed within Sizzle’s proprietary, patent-pending augmented reality network. Designed to deliver an unlimited number of concurrent augmented reality and virtual reality visual effects, Sizzle has positioned its platform to service all augmented reality experiences within its deep…  read more