Augmented Reality Television Creates New Means of Communication

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IllusionQuest Studios has advanced Augmented Reality to the next level by enabling realtime video to interact with the user’s environment – and to allow the user to record that interaction and share with friends. The basis of this patent-pending technology is a video stream that is married live on the fly with incoming video feed from the iPhone, iPad or Android smart devices. It takes prerecorded video or computer graphic images and marries them with the video stream that is coming through the lens of the smart device. This allows an unlikely marriage of interesting imagery with the live input that the user is currently viewing.  With the Mel B app, we have produced the world’s first Augmented Reality Television music video which was taken to a completely new level by our ability to combine the live video feed through the camera with the video of the music video to marry simultaneously and create a composite video on the fly. No other technology is capable of doing this at this time.


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The important aspect of ARTV™ is that it is a concept that is able to get into the pocket of the end user. From that point forward, it is a tool for our clients to data mine their visitors in a multitude of ways. The app will ask them to accept push notifications when they open it. This gives the client the right to send notices to every app user. Then the app is capable of having geo functionality to allow it to perform differently in different locales. It is able to perform different functions on specific days of the week.  If the client wishes to have different live announcements by celebrities, ARTV™ is able to provide a live video stream when desired. i.e….. Mel B makes a live appearance one night only on the app and is seen when viewers tune in at a specific time to see and hear what the special announcement is all about. The ARTV™ app can provide virtual treasure hunts throughout a client property by creating a series of virtual items that the end user can collect by driving them to the locations throughout the resort that our clients are desirous of them attending.



Unlike any other Augmented Reality app in the marketplace, our product is custom created for our clients on a per app basis. There are hundreds of models for revenue which are driven by client need, objective and desire. We are happy to brainstorm with any client to discuss the depth of potential use of ARTV™ with their business.



Currently we provide two basic experiences with ARTV™.  Experience 1 is full Augmented Reality, so the video will position, scale and interact in place within the user’s environment, giving the illusion of being “projected” into the room.  Experience 2 is, by design, statically composed over the camera background. We can make it interact with the end user’s environment in many ways depending on the client needs and objectives.



We can record the video content or our client may produce it separately and provide it to us.  If our client produces the content, we have a proprietary post-production process that requires video to be shot in a specific manner and delivered to us in a specific format. If the client wants something more interactive, we have a host of options to bring to them which are considerably more evolved than just what is described here. ARTV™ is actually an opportunity to get into the consumer’s smart device via a cool concept. The end game is much more than a trick, it is to garner information on the consumer on behalf of the brand, via push notifications, polls, geofencing, and live broadcasts that are made using the ARTV™ system. Quizzes, media games, puzzles, logic games, geo-tracking games, integration with social networks, hidden Easter egg timed promotions, virtual treasure hunts, sweepstakes, digital collectibles…and a robust advertising and product placement functionalities are some of the many systems we are creating to generate sponsor-driven themed competitions.



Interaction with the live environment shown on the phone is equally possible. The end user can reach out and touch the ARTV™ image and it will interact with them in a host of functions, including the ability to click through the footage and link direct to an e-commerce / sales environment as well as post to all of the social networks with a branded image or video.

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