Sizzle Provides A Comprehensive Suite of 12 Triggers To Stimulate Consumer Offers

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Want to find the best offer? Sizzle it.
Looking for something fun to play? Sizzle it.
Searching for the most innovative new thing? Sizzle it.
Sizzle Activates Consumers And Creates Instant Transactions
Sizzle Delights With Shareable Social Content Paired With Augmented Reality Games
Sizzle Informs, Delivering Valuable Information Paired With Instant Transactions
Sizzle Rewards, Using Emotions To Drive Impulse Purchases



Publications • Packaging • Signs • Social Media • YouTube • TV • Radio • Satellite • Stadiums • Malls • Airports • Resorts • Campuses


Scan • Listen • Location • Augmented Reality • YouTube • Streaming • Beacon • Games • Artificial Intelligence • Search • Time • Voice


Converts Each Page Of A Magazine Or Newspaper Into A Cash Registersizzle_carousel_ChrisAngel
• Significantly Improve The ROI Of Print Advertising By Making Sales, Driving Web Traffic, And Creating Awareness
• Deliver Interactive Contests And Games Never Before Possible In Print Publications
• Digital Surveys Collect Significant New Consumer Data And Expand Interactivity


GPS Triggers Immediately Provide Nearby Offers And OpportunitiesLocation_Based_offers
• Create Consumer Engagement And Increase Sales When The Consumer Enters The Premises
• GPS-Based Offers Are Targeted To Specific Locations And Paired To Sizzle Search
• Increase Loyalty And Repeat Patronage Through Customer’s Preestablished Preferences


GPS Creates Location-Based Offers In Stadiums, Campuses, Malls, And AirportsOrder_baseball_gear
• Capitalize On The Emotion Of Being In The Emotional High Of A Game And Sell New Merchandise
• Products Are Purchased On Your Website Or In The Sizzle Shop – Your Choice
• Merchandise Ships Direct to Consumer – No Inventory On Premises


Visual And GPS Triggers Seamlessly Connect To Virtual Real Estate ToursReal_Estate_Matterport
• Point Sizzle At A Real Estate Sign And Instantly Take A Virtual Tour Of The Residence
• The Tour Can Lead To Digital Property Information Downloads Or Instant Connection To The Sales Agent
• Garner Significant Valuable Data By Providing An Invaluable Service


Audio Triggers Create Customized Television Shopping ExperiencesYoung_and_Restless
• Television Shows Deliver Sales of Products, Wardrobe, Merchandise and Sponsored Products
• Facilitates Creative Interactions, Delivery Of Digital Swag, And Play-At-Home Games Paired With TV Programs
• Programming Of An Entire Season Of A Program, Allows Unique Offers To Deliver In Each Territory


Visual Triggers Deliver Customizable Augmented Reality Attractions
• Instantly Connect Magazines And Promotional Collateral To 3D Virtual Models That Come To Life
• Generate Instant Bookings While The Emotions Are Engaged
• Create Digital Connection To The Consumer For Continued Marketing


Visual Scans Deliver Invaluable Information, In A Multilingual Platformsizzle_hero_informational
• Sizzle Delivers Information In Whatever Combination Of Languages You Desire
• Insurance Grade Proof Of Customer Understanding And Compliance
• Combats Illiteracy By Delivering Spoken Instructions


Audio Triggers Make Radio Instantly Transactional And Interactivesizzle_hero_Radio_CBS-Sports
• Significantly Improve The ROI Of Radio Advertising
• Deliver Interactive Contests And Games Never Before Possible On Radio
• Collect Significant New Consumer Data And Expand Your Consumer Interactivity


Timed Offers Are First To Deliver The Offer While The Emotion Is StrongestSizzle_Fanatics_Eagles_Superbowl
• Seconds After A Championship Game Is Determined, Sizzle Delivers The Offer
• Sizzle’s Offer Engine Creates Instantaneous Global Access To New Offers
• Capture Emotion And Convert It Into Impulse Purchasing


GPS, Audio and Scan Triggers Increase The ROI Of Exhibiting At Trade Showssizzle_tradeshow
• Sell A Broad Range Of Inventory, Without Bringing It To The Show
• Trade Show Ads And Displays Engage The Audience With Interactive Content That Resonates
• Sizzle Spin And Augmented Reality Stunts For Social Sharing and Prizes


GPS Triggers Provide Regional, Location-Based OffersSizzle_Macys_HawaiiSwimsuitOffer
• Offers In Sizzle Can Be Initiated And Modified In Minutes For Reactive Tracking Experiences
• Regional Targeting Allows Unique Offers In Specific Geographic Locations
• Inventory Control Is Paired With Special Offers For Management Of Sales Volume


Makes Live And PreRecorded Streaming Content Interactive And Transactionalsizzle_hero_streaming
• Live Fashion Shows Convert Audience Into Purchasing Consumers
• Sizzle Inserts Purchase Tags Throughout The Content, Each Leading To Unique Purchases
• Collect Significant New Consumer Data And Expand Your Consumer Interactivity


Makes YouTube And Streaming Content Instantly Transactional And InteractiveYou Tube Poll
• YouTube Programs Instantly Sell All Forms Of Merchandise
• Polls, Surveys, Quizzes, Tests and Games May Be Built Into The Video
• Generate “Create Your Own Adventure” YouTube Programming With Sizzle


Delivers Customizable Gaming Systems To Reward Your Customers
Be-the-next-winner-large-sm• Customized Sizzle Spin Games Can Be Created In A Single Day
• Digital Dashboard Allows Continual Monitoring Of Prizes And Offers
• Generates Fun For The Consumer While Also Adding Incentives To Purchase


Provides Destination Specific Augmented Reality Games For Offers And Prizes


• Reward Your Consumers By Delivering Unique Games On-Site
• Garner Market Research Through Gamified Choice Engagements
• Generate Repeat Engagements By Altering Content In Rotations


Delivers Extensive, Invaluable Data And Analytics
• Extensive Data and Analytics Capture and Report Systems
• Tracks All In-App Activities
• Reports Delivered To Merchant Dashboard Via a Merchant Portal

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