Visions Of The Impact of Virtual Reality on Broadcast Network Television

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How will Virtual Reality Impact Your Career, Your World, Your Perceptions?

In our previous blog, we invited our colleagues in various industries to bring their perspective on how Virtual Reality will impact their industry to the discussion.

Today we are chatting with

Lucas P. Aragon    Design Director/Post Production at ABC Design


In what ways do you think Virtual Reality will have a direct connection to Network Broadcast Television?

VR 360 is an excellent way for us to tell stories from our shows beyond an episode. It allows fans to dig in deeper and have a unique experience with their favorite ABC shows. Viewers can get a glimpse into the worlds their favorite characters live in. We see it as an opportunity to build on the shows on the network.

Do you expect ABC’s advertisers to engage with Mixed Reality live broadcast events?

I believe advertisers will engage with mixed reality. Advertisers always want a unique way to align with our shows, so this gives both parties an opportunity to do just that.  I’m expecting to see more of this in the months to come.

How would you anticipate Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality will impact your design methodologies at ABC?

We are thinking differently about the way we build assets for show packages from a marketing standpoint.  We are finding that we need higher resolution and 3D models in order for us to be able to have a workflow for VR 360 pieces. I’m anticipating it will have a big impact on how we work and create assets.

Do you think Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is a viable path to discovering a new creative opportunity in a project or brand?

This is a HUGE opportunity for us. We are breaking from a flat screen to a 3D world! This opens up the door to being more creative with our storytelling and creating new experiences for our viewers. It also is a great marketing tool to bring new viewers to the network, our shows or the ABC App.

What is your pet project to produce in these new media?

We are just starting to get into this space, so I don’t have a favorite just yet.

How different do you expect your workflow will be as a result of these technologies in five years from now?

I think VR 360 in addition to other platform needs like Apple TV, smart phones, etc, our workflow will be very different! We are being asked to create more content and have assets to share with all of our partners.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time!

Thank you for sharing your vision, Lucas. We appreciate your time and value your perspective!

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If you have a vision of how Virtual Reality will impact your industry, we would love to hear from you.

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