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AviChat Is The New System For FaceTime Avatar Communication

AviChat is the dynamic new communication system for kids of all ages. In AviChat, people communicate as the avatar of their choosing in both face to face and asynchronous chat communication.

First, Import All Of Your Friends Into The Chat Function, Invite Them To Join For Free

Imports all friend lists, and readies each of them to communicate in AviChat. AviChat is a complete VoIP platform for calling, texting and messaging.

Pick Your Favorite Avatar, Record A Message Or Make A FaceTime VoIP Call

Once you have chosen your avatar, you are ready to communicate in AviChat.  Click here to watch how well the lips stay in synch with the voice.

AviChat Allows You To Leave Messages In Asynchronous Communication

Leave messages for your friends, using a host of characters, voices and backgrounds

AviChat Will Also Allow You To Import Your Own Lifelike Avatar From Files You Supply

The storefront inside AviChat will allow our users to purchase digital goods to bling out their characters.

AviChat Allows Your Avatar To Communicate From Anywhere

In a rollicking good mood, take out your avatar and tell a friend in a host of creative ways.

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