Billows Electric Supply

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Billows Electric Supply is 250 employees strong with 19 locations servicing the full spectrum of residential & commercial electrical needs, switchgear and lighting. Jeff Billow credits his employees for the success of the business. “The Billows Story” can be told if we credit the real members of our team who made us a success – our employees. They are the basis of our business and we would not be here without them.

As for the customers, they are afforded the continued respect instituted long ago by Simon and Lillian. “Our conviction that the customer must be satisfied has helped us grow each and every year,” says Jeff Billow. “There is no substitute for hard work and customer attention. We make it clear that we care.”


QuestSphere produced this app for Billows Electric Supply in the iOS platform.

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Billows Electric Supply Billows Electric Supply Billows Electric Supply