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The Illusion Factory and Questsphere developed this proof of concept for our ZScape Technology platform – Game on iPad. The virtual world technology built into an iPad allows for deep product integration, sweepstakes, lotteries and other promotional opportunities.

Are you looking for the ultimate new experience for your iPad 2? Have you played the best game on your iPhone 4 and are wondering, what’s next? iDuhKnow is the newest game to bring the best of the new technologies to life.
Calling all you Morons…and the Geniuses too… if you thought you were twisted and turned around before, you have yet to try the entire new experience in 3D with gyro and joystick controlled interactivity. You have never played a game like iDuhKnow. Just when you think you have it all figured out…you get it WRONG. And back you go. This game is maddening, addictive, irritating, frustrating… And it might make you motion sick if you have been staying up to the wee hours trying to get to the end.

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iDuhKnow iDuhKnow iDuhKnow iDuhKnow iDuhKnow

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