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Tune into The CW to watch iZombie, and then join in on the social media buzz!

Campaign Details:
Client: The CW Television Network
Format: Rich Media
Date: Spring 2015


The Illusion Factory worked closely with the creative and management teams at The CW Television Network, Sizmek and OMD to promote the launch of iZombie in the electronic media landscape using interactive rich media and mobile advertising platforms.

• W3 Silver Award for Best Rich Media in Entertainment

• Drive viewers to tune into the premiere and increase Facebook Likes and Tweets           Instagram Likes

• Generate hype/ buzz about the show

Rich Media Features
• Video
• Facebook Like
• Tweet

• Instagram


• Flash Banners
• Rich Media Banners

• Wallpapers

iZombie is based on the graphic novel iZombie by Chris Roberson, Michael Allred. It was developed by Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero. Starring Rose McIver, David Anders, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley

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iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie iZombie

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