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QuestSphere created this dynamic app that pairs with a remote camera that you may plant in the forest so that you may observe Kodiak Bears and other wildlife that are triggered by the motion sensors. Created in iOS and Android platforms.

The Kodiak Viewer from Comanche Outfitters allows users to wirelessly access and control their Kodiak Series Cameras directly from their Android powered device. Once the app is installed, it can be used to scan for nearby cameras, then connect to cameras that are within range. Once connected, the app gives users the ability to adjust camera settings and view/download photos that are stored on their camera. Once a user downloads the desired photos to their Android device, they are then free to share them via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or text message. Whether you use your camera to scout for game animals, or to keep an eye on valuable property, the Kodiak Viewer app makes it effortless to download all of your photos right to the palm of your hand, without having to physically touch your Kodiak Series Camera. Experience the future of wireless scouting and surveillance today!

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