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The Illusion Factory has consistently exceeded our expectations with their passion for excellence and their determination to achieve the impossible. Daily. NxtGenTV could not have come this far down the path of innovation were it not for the direct efforts of The Illusion Factory.”

Kevin Bennis
CEO, President NxtGenTV

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Client: NxtGenTV
Format: Software as Service Development / iPad App Development
Date: FALL 2012

Contributing the wire frames, overall system architecture, the creative design, and the operational technologies, were among The Illusion Factory’s many responsibilities in getting the NetConference® Your Office in the Cloud® iPad app to market.Generating the world’s most versatile communication and collaboration app for the iPad took years of programming, planning and integrating.

The SaaS results are a supreme product that towers over Webex®, GoToMeeting®, and Adobe Connect®. The NetConference® system allows for up to 8 people on video camera on the iPad, while simultaneously viewing videos, powerpoints, word docs, websites, while simultaneously being able to whiteboard with all participants at once on top of media or on a whiteboard itself.

There has never been an ipad app in the collaboration category that is this versatile. Users may manage their entire cloud based library, while generating conferences, sending invitations, sharing files, and text chat or speaking with up to hundreds of people. NetConference features a complete integration with Google docs, contacts and calendar with seamless transitions between both platforms.

iPad App complete with all functionality listed above.
NetConference Website complete with all complimentary functionality for the NetConference Platform
ServerSide technology
Marketing Materials
Advertising Campaigns
Digital Media Promotional Systems
Social Media Promotional Systems

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