Lynne Sperling

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Lynne Sperling is a respected nationally known leader with a track record of over 44 years of success in the retail and manufacturing industry. Her 21 year corporate background included serving as Senior Vice President of Ready to Wear with fiscal responsibilities of one-half billion dollars for retailers such as Kaufmann’s, JW Robinsons, Broadway, and Clothestime.

Currently, Lynne owns her own consulting company, and works in alliance with other consultant groups including The Gordman Group and Celebrity Fashion Group. Lynne also serves on several industry advisory boards including UCLA’s Business Extension program where she also teaches and guest lectures.

Lynne’s current and past clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 manufacturers, retailers, investors, lawyers, accountants, professional organizations, philanthropic, and technological industries across various channels of product categories. As a consultant, she has successfully worked with her clients to research, develop, plan, write and implement long and short term product, marketing, and financial strategies to achieve corporate sales, profit objectives, and strengthen and grow brand partnerships between vendors and their retail partners. She and her team also assist in retail training and client customer team building for retailers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs.

In over 25 years of consulting Lynne expanded her category expertise to include business planning in multiple industries, identifying and quantifying product opportunities and liabilities in industrial and consumer based products.

Currently Lynne has been retained by IllusionQuest Studios to develop and help prepare strategies for corporate proprietary product, consult on business execution strategies, plans as well as become a part of the team to execute corporate initiatives.

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