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Millions Of Potential Augmented Reality Experiences Possible On The Sizzle Network

A single network, combining millions of potential augmented reality experiences, eliminates the need for consumers to have to download numerous apps for each augmented reality experience. The Sizzle Global Transmedia Augmented Reality Network allows for this necessity and enables owners of augmented reality content to leverage their content across a new platform of distribution by…  read more

The 2019 PGA Show Sweepstakes On The Sizzle Network

Would you want to win tickets to the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black? One lucky attendee of the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando chose the correct augmented reality Pepsi Bottle and received the prized tickets for the upcoming PGA Championship at Bethpage Black. Another attendee won a complimentary four night hotel stay in Orlando during the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show,…  read more

Sizzle™ Improves Profits, Reducing Your Marketing Spend, While Increasing The ROI 

  Sizzle Converts Traditional Media and Environments  Into Dynamic Cost Effective Interactive Networks of Experiences and Offers Sizzle provides a comprehensive suite of tools to create new media campaigns, that will expand your marketing reach while gaining and maintaining your targeted customers. Sizzle connects: making your advertising experiences substantially more interactive, raising your end users’ product awareness. The Offer Engine™,…  read more

Using Sizzle’s GPS Trigger To Deliver Regional, National And Global Campaigns

Sizzle delivers emotionally motivated offers with the intent of stimulating an impulse purchase. If a parent is having a great time with their child at a professional sporting event, there is an increased opportunity that the parent could be persuaded to purchase kid’s sports equipment at a discount, available only while inside the stadium. The…  read more

Sizzle Uses Established Games To Deliver New Customers To Your Brand

EMPOWER SIZZLE TO START SENDING OUR CUSTOMERS TO YOU! Sizzle has been designed to remove all of the substantial costs of producing games, delivering offers, engaging with augmented reality, and delivering fun and unique experiences. The Sizzle Network and Offer Engine™ is complete with the most comprehensive suite of tools, games, experiences and interconnectivity. Sizzle will save your corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars…  read more

Sizzle Provides A Comprehensive Suite of 12 Triggers To Stimulate Consumer Offers

Want to find the best offer? Sizzle it. Looking for something fun to play? Sizzle it. Searching for the most innovative new thing? Sizzle it. • Sizzle Activates Consumers And Creates Instant Transactions • Sizzle Delights With Shareable Social Content Paired With Augmented Reality Games • Sizzle Informs, Delivering Valuable Information Paired With Instant Transactions…  read more

Augmented Reality Television Creates New Means of Communication

IllusionQuest Studios has advanced Augmented Reality to the next level by enabling realtime video to interact with the user’s environment – and to allow the user to record that interaction and share with friends. The basis of this patent-pending technology is a video stream that is married live on the fly with incoming video feed from the…  read more